As I like to take pictures of my outfits to post on my blog, I've noticed that my handbag collection isn't what it is supposed to be. I have a few favourites but they are rather large. I miss those smaller handbags which fit just the essentials for a night out or just to carry around. A few days ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed as I stumbled across a picture of a handbag which is perfect for summer and the occasions I mentionned. It is this pink bag with geraniums all over from Atelier Kollée. They also have this bag in black if you aren't that comfortable with a brighter colour. 

Atelier Kollée is created by Letteke Kollee and she has been making jewellery for a few years. She decided to eventually sell her creations and her business is growing ever since. She follows the latest trends in the fashion industry so that the jewellery (such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces) is always up to date and they are also handmade here in Belgium. (Not only do they have bracelets for women but also for men!) Atelier Kollée only selects special items that represent their brand, in this way you always have a unique piece in your wardrobe. They recently also opened a pop-up store in Maaseik where they sell their handbags as well as their fine and unique jewellery. If you are around, I suggest to stop by the pop-up store if you want to see the accessories and handbags in person. 

Something new Atelier Kollée sells are patches! I am totally in love with the patch trend as you can tell by my previous blog post! I'm even thinking about upgrading some of my jeans jackets or trousers with some patches so I will definitely buy these cute patches from their website!

A few of my favourite handbags from Atelier Kollée that are on my wishlist:

Geranium bag in pink and black

Icecream clutch

Envelope messenger bag

For your eyes only (also in black)

 Milk bag

Unicorn tears

All pictures are taken from the Atelier Kollée website.

Definitely check out the website for more pictures or follow Atelier Kollée on Instagram for daily updates!

Atelier Kollée website
Atelier Kollée Facebook
Atelier Kollée Instagram

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