In a few weeks time, I have to go back to school. I rarely carry a backpack, instead I bring my handbag with a few essentials I need during my classes. From time to time, I need to bring a lot more than just my notebook and some pens. In that case, I'll grab my backpack which is in a bright, hot pink colour. Let's be honest, Bright pink doesn't suit every outfit as best as a black backpack will. I've been searching for some nice and durable black backpack, but I always seem to stumble upon designer backpack where I then loose all my attention and keep scrolling trough endless pages filled with designer pieces. In the end, I have to click of the page because I know I can't afford such a designer piece anyway. This brought me to the idea for this blog post. If I can't afford a designer backpack, why not buy one that looks exactly the same for less money? I went on the hunt and these are the designer dupes I found!

1. Burberry (£795) versus New Look (€26,65)

Both of the backpacks have a pocket in the front with a gold zipper that has tassels attached. Two strings close of the biggest compartment and the camel buckles and handle finish off the look of both backpacks. 

2. Rebecca Minkoff ($529,63) versus ASOS (€37,33)

These backpacks look just the same besides a few details. The Rebecca Minkoff 'Julian' backpack has got two zippers on the sides and is made out of top quality leather. The ASOS one has a big tassel on the front zip and is also buckled in the front but is made out of fake leather of course. 


 3. Dolce & Gabbana ($1.891,53) versus H&M (€19,99) versus Topshop (€36,00)

The next three backpacks look a like in a similar way. They are really simple and elegant but the materials and also name make a big difference in price. These three are all very structured and finished off with the two strings that close off the backpack. I do think the white Topshop backpack looks more like the Dolce & Gabbana 'Sicily' backpack than the H&M one does.


 4. Michael Kors ($612,37) versus H&M (€29,99)

I can't say much about these ones, just look at the similarities! The Michael Kors 'Dalia' backpack is made out of real leather and the H&M one isn't. They both have a handle at the top and are both sealed with again the two strings, which are longer on  the Michael Kors bag.


5. Marc Jacobs (£802,00) versus Topshop (€40,00)

If I look at these backpack, I can definitely see a resemblance. The Marc Jacobs Biker backpack is again made out of real leather as most of the designer bags are, and the Topshop bag is made out of a metallic kind of material. They both have the same shape and the two iconic zippers in the front. I would rather want the metallic backpack in this case!


6. Prada (£1,240) versus H&M (€29,99)

I love the Prada bag! It had these sequins that reflect the light with every movement you make. Both backpacks have a similar shape and the buckle in the front. They also both have two pockets underneath. The only difference here is that the Prada bag had two buckles to close them off and the H&M back had got two zippers instead.

I hope you liked this post of designer dupes. I really enjoyed researching and writing this post a lot! Hopefully you got some inspiration by reading this and think twice before you make your purchase with designer pieces. In my opinion, a few of these cheaper backpacks look nicer than the designer ones. I will possibly write more of these 'designer dupes' posts in the future, so keep an eye out for those!

- xoxo -

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