For years I have been dreaming about long straight hair as I always had dull wavy hair with little babyhairs sticking out in the front. I went through stages where I would either have my hair tight up (which wasn't the best idea as the babyhairs would be even more visible and out there) or I would straighten the hell out of my hair. I ended up with dry and damaged hair which lead me to a point to cut it all off to a bob. This was many years ago and I swore to never have short hair again. I let it grow out and took care of my hair every day by not straightening it and all of a sudden my hair type changed. It became stronger and super straight. The babyhairs are still there today but hey, my hair is as straight as I always wanted it to be. It grew so long over these last five or six years that I decided it was time for a change. I was getting sick and tired of the same straight, long hairdo for all these years. My hair had become strong and long enough to donate it to Think Pink. I waited a few months more untill it was the longest it could get and went to the hairdressers with a pink enveloppe to cut it all off.

The moment the scissors came near my ponytail I freaked out a bit. What the hell was I doing?! But when I had my ponytail in my own hands I kind of felt proud that I had done this. It felt really weird and not normal to be stroking your hair when it's not attached to your head anymore, but at least it is going to a great cause.

Today, a few months later, I'm going back to the hairdressers to cut it even shorter. Because in all honesty, I wish they cut it shorter back then. Maybe the wow-effect would have been bigger then, but I was still very happy with the result! Never thought I would say this but I'm loving the short hairstyle at the moment! What do you think? Which hairstyle do you prefer on me? And have you ever donated your hair? Let me know and talk to you soon!

- xoxo - 

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